How to Slow Dance

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Knowing how to slow dance is something that may come up if you are about to get married. This is also something that may come up if your partner has been wanting you to take them out dancing. Whatever the occasion may be you should keep in mind how to slow dance is always a good thing to know just in case.


It is always a good idea for you to get your partner, a friend or a family member to help you practice before you do so in public. Allow them to lead you around a little bit until you are able to get the hang of it.


If you are a woman then you will put your arms onto the shoulders of the person you are dancing with. If you are a man then you place your hands on the hips of your dance partner. You will need to sway to the music. If you are having trouble with this then simply listen to the beat of it. Allow your partner to lead you if you are unsure.

Have Fun

Just make sure to loosen up whenever you are dancing. Being too nervous about how you look will only cause you to look stiff and uncomfortable. Remember that dancing is supposed to be fun and neither you nor your partner will be having any if you can’t relax and allow the music to do the work. Don’t try any dips or twists until you are more advanced.

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